We aim to unify the Canadian esports scene by combining three distinct aspects of the industry under one main organization : a talent agency for players, a professional team and an online channel to broadcast shows and events.


This 360° approach will create an environment in which talents, leagues, organizations and partners can thrive and benefit off each other. In other words, convergence will be the key to our success and the opportunities for our partners are limitless.


Montreal is a major player both in the video game and the entertainment industry of North America. And yet, there is untapped potential when it comes to the world of esports in Montreal. This is where we come into play. We are Montreal Esports and we’re here to bring the Canadian esports scene to the next level.


As such, we created a gaming office to nurture a professional environment for our teams and staff.


We are committed to grow esports in Québec


Start Local but always aim Global.


Pro Esports Team

Gaming Office

Esports Channel

Esports Players Agency

Montreal Esports will be housing a professional esports team in Montreal and will also hire the professional support for its players such as coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists and much more. It also has a fully equipped training facility for its athletes and staff members.

Our organization will also be the host of the first canadian esports channel that will broadcast in-house web content, interviews, pro-players streaming, video podcasts and special events via our studio.

A full service agency for esports players will be promoting and representing the talents interests in the esports world by providing them with professional infrastructure, analysis, strategy, brand definition, marketing, public relation, coaching, networking and partnering among its other services.